Susse Marie Riber

Welcome to my Assignment 1 page.

Im 24 years old and original from the surburbs of Wonderful Copenhagen. After a couple of years in Cph at different schools and in different jobs( mainly in the art, broadcasting and theatre milieu), I moved to Aarhus in 2008 to study Dramaturgy. Compared to the pulse of Copenhagen, the pulse of Aarhus can at one point seem quite sleepy, slow and limited. But as in every other aspect of life, there are of cause pros- and cons being both. During my time in Aarhus I learned that if you know where to go, the city of Aarhus - almost - never really sleeps. However, compared to Copenhagen, Aarhus has got unexplored potentiale. In a good way that is…

In the picture I do what I do best - hanging out at Kasernen, always in motion…


Assignment 2

Subjective Map

Assignment 3

Susse Riber - Hybrid Space

Assignment 4

My Sound

Assignment 5
6a .walk
6b Walk

Assignment 6
You can find my MIS-guide on FirstClass

Assignment 7
My C(I)C experience

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