Assignment 3: Hybrid Space

Mobile Ticketing

by Susse Marie Riber

“Without the traditional distinction between physical and digital spaces, a hybrid space occurs when one no longer needs to go out of physi-
cal space to get in touch with digital environments. Therefore, the borders between digital and physical spaces, which were apparently clear with the fixed Internet, become blurred and no longer clearly distinguishable.”
(From Cyber to Hyper, Adriana de Souza e Silva, p. 264)

My Hybrid space is at the bus stop. A physical space which is combined with a digital mobilbased service. At the moment, traffic companies such as Movia, Metro and DSB are trying out a mobile service including a ticket-purchase function, in the areas in and around Copenhagen. It is called 'SMS-Ticket', and is simply an easier way to buy your ticket via your mobile, when you are on the go. You don’t have to worry about cash, credit cards or finding a station to buy your ticket. You simply send a Sms, whereafter the ticket is send right back to your mobile.
The pilot-project in Copenhagen was launched January 23rd, 2009. The service now holds around 15 % of the Movia ticketsale. In November 2009, the traffic company of North Jutland, also started up the project in Aalborg.
This is an everyday example of the new mobile ticketing technology, and the Danes are not the first ones to use the 'SMS-Ticket' system. Tickets via Mobile-projects are running across the world with the speed of light, and are seen in different and more or less developed forms; below, I have attached a video from Thames Valley, UK. You get the barcode from your train ticket directly sent to your mobile phone. Another example is from The Netherlands; the video shows the same bus ticket system also used in Denmark. The most common form – if we look outside of Denmark - is the one where you get the barcode or semacode send directly to your Mobile Phone. Concert-, cinema-, flight- and all other forms of ticket services can now be purchased through your Mobile Phone - The question now is; will this digital technology outbattle our credit cards?

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