Tanja Toft Christiansen

Hi, my name is Tanja I'm 24 years old and I'm majoring in history of art. I have always been really inspired by the diversity of people living in big cities, and how different city areas can reflect different aspects of the urban culture. That's pretty much why I chose this course.
I like danish functionalism - architecture aswell as furniture. I work in a place called Yrsas Garage where we sell vintage furniture, lamps, radios and loads more. In the shop me and some friends sometimes host music and poetry events - I will let you all know in here when next event takes place. Otherwise I like surreal art, music and greasy food.


Mandatory assignment 2: make a personal and subjective map of Århus
My map of places in Århus where I want to grow old


Mandatory assignment 3:
Having a conversation on the phone almost becomes “real” when you are able to see the person you are talking to. Video calls can be made via webcams connected to a computer using programs like Windows Live Messenger or Skype, which are software applications that allows users to make instant messages and video calls over the Internet, so people can meet and hang out no matter where in the world they are situated. Meeting “face to face” with friends that maybe lives in China is basically just as easy as meeting a friend downtown, as long as there’s internet you just need to log on.

“People maintain social relationships and connections that go beyond the physical boundaries of those specific places, trans- forming places in permeable localities” From Cyber to Hybrid: Mobile Technologies as Interfaces of Hybrid Spaces p. 271

This way of being social is for example used by many who has long distance relationships, not only because it’s free and you will save a lot of money on your telephone bill, but also because of the authentic feeling of being together, the video call becomes a home/room=hybrid space. Webcams can also be used by those who are deaf, to communicate with sign language, both among themselves and also with hearing individuals via a sign language interpreter so in this particular hybrid space theirs is nothing a deaf person can’t hear.

As an example I picked a scene from the American sitcom How I Met Your Mother.
In this scene the character Marshall joins his family for the traditionally family dinner via a webcam. When his family join hands to say grace, he, to make it extra authentic holds two mannequin hands.

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