Thomas Lolholm Hybrid Space

Hybrid-space vs Cinema tickets

It is a known fact, that you can book tickets online. The phone company called Telia has made a special service for their costumers. Every tuesday they are allowed to bring a friend to the cinema for free. All you have to do is send in a text message from your mobile phone with a code. A few minutes later you'll recieve another code that you'll have to type into a computer at the cinema. The machine will give you a discount coupon to use when paying for your movie tickets. You can even send an electronic invitation from with info on time and location.
According to Adriana de Souza e Silva this would be concidered a hybrid space. She says: ”Hybrid spaces arise when virtual communities (…) migrate to physical spaces because of the use of mobile technologies as interfaces”(p. 261) The communication between the mobile phone and the computer at the cinema is turning your digital invitation into a pair of movie tickets and perhaps even into a perfect date.

Here is a video of me trying to get a ticket using my mobile phone:

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