.Walk Group7a

Instructions to .walk:

*Turn left at first possibility
*Turn left if walking in the sun, right if walking in shadow
*Cross the street and make a u turn after 10 street lights

*Repeat as necessary until chosen length of time has passed

Map of our .walk experience:

The instructions will create a walk in a tight square or circle, this is on purpose.
It is a great way to experience one's neighbourhood.
The only problem was that we ran out of street lights and had some dead ends, most likely because we ended up walking small pathways.
It will probably not be a restricting problem if one sticks to the larger roads.

My Experience

Aaron Bialick

I chose to walk Group 7a's .Walk. I had a great time, though I think I may have not understood the directions as intended. I didn't get a tight circle or square, but instead a long extended route.


Here's where I started on Langelandsgade.


Here's where I turned right since I was in the shade.
At this point, I was on the step that said "cross the street and make a u turn after 10 street lights". It seemed impossible to cross 10 street lights, so I just counted 10 intersections. However, even before I did that, the road I was following hit a dead end:


So, I improvised and turned left since I was in the sun at the moment. I eventually hit 10 crossings at Ryesgade, where I made a U-turn and then again the first left on Park Alle. At that point it had been an hour.


Below are alternative mappings made on Google maps and Paint. The first map is according to performing 7b's route walk and the second map shows 7a's .walk with a modification to the algorithm: U-turn after 10. street light = u-turn after passing 1 traffic light.


On this route I met two people who I knew. The last one followed me during the walk.

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