.walk of Simona Conti, Chiara Artini & Alessia Vidili

Group 2a:

Simona Conti
Chiara Artini
Alessia Vidili

In group, make and perform a .walk
(also described briefly in Pinder "Arts of Urban Exploration" and in Hemment "Locative Media". Both from the course readings). The
walk must have exaclty 3 turns (a sort of code with 3 strings).

Our .walk:

//Å + ticking heels .walk
repeat for 1 hour
2nd street right
1st street left after you see an "Å" somewhere
Turn over 180° after you hear some heel ticking

.walk performed on April 8th from 16.45 to 17:30

Here it is the map describing our .walk . Each coloured line defines one of the three strings of code:
- 1st string = pink line,
- 2nd string = blue line,
- 3rd string = green line.


We decided to start our walk from the very downtown (Ryesgade), in front of the railway station….


…the code instructed us to turn right in Rosenkrantzgade…


..there we saw an "Å" on a restaurant sign…


…we turned left in Fredensgade and there we saw a Vintage and SecondHand clothes shop that we never noticed before that..really interesting :) …


…we crossed Sønder Allé, but we immediately heard some heels ticking on the street. We turned over 180° and went back in Fredengsgade…


…then we turned at the second street to the right: again Ryesgade! There we see the second "Å" in an advertising along the street…


…then left in Rådhuspladsen and straight on in Vester Allé untill…


…we heard some shoes heels ticking on the sidewalk near the AROS museum…tick tick…


…we went back and turned right in Park Allé and we….


…saw again an "å" (lucky us?!)…


…then we turned left in Banegårdsgade and in few seconds we heard again some heels ticking on the pavement…


…we turned back again…


…and we turned right in Frederiks Allé…


…immediately sighted an "å" in a pub menù…


…we turned left in Skt. Nicolausgade…


…and we walked straight on along the Scandinavian Center…


…and on and on trying to hear someone with heels shoes passing…


…but we finally came at the end of Gebauersgade, in front of the railways…no way to go straight, no pretty woman passing…This "system bug" ended our .walk after 45 minutes and almost 4 loops of code.


Second part of the assignment:

On Sunday april 11th 2010 from 15:30-16:30 we performed group 2b .walk. You can look to our map of the walk, see 4 pics and read some observations here in group 2b page.

What do we do exactly?
Create and perform a .walk.
Swap your .walk description with another group and perform their .walk too

  • Document your own .walk performance on a map
  • Document your performance of the other group’s .walk in a map and 4 pictures

What to submit prior to Tuesday 10:00
Make a seperate wiki-page for your .walk. On this page you write the .walk code and upload your own walk's map.
Write on the wiki-page of your partner group's .walk (the one you swapped with) below the group’s own map: write a bit about your experience, upload a map and the four pictures.


We decided to start the a.walk from the corner between Immervad and Lille Torv (close to Magasin and 7Eleven).


Graffiti wall and spring comiing.


A cool statue we never seen before.


Sun and shadow.


The discovery of an other nice cafè.

About our experience…

1.We spent about 15 minutes going straight on Kystvejen because we couldn't hear heels ticking.
2.We entered in a loop walking from Kystvejen to Helgenægade and vice versa.About 10 minutes for 100 mt!
3.We passed through the Arkitektskolen Aarhus because we didn't hear heels ticking.
4.When we came out from the Arkitektskolen courtyard, we arrived in Paradisgade street. We were in front of Cafè Paradis.
After 55 minutes, we couldn't hear that annoying sound, we couldn't go straight on, so we deicided to stop and have a coffee in the cafè.

You can find information about the a.walk we make and perform, here

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